About Us

About Us

M&C Rentals Ltd is a small family owned business in Southeast Saskatchewan. We are very involved in our community and support the local sports and activities. We were established in the summer of 2013. We had started out purchasing 8X14’ access mats and renting them out to companies involved in the oil & gas industry. They were using then for building drilling rig lease and roads into these locations when the ground was to soft or they wanted minimal damage to the land. The rental end of these mats has since evolved into the construction industry, road building, creating lanes for heavy trucks or equipment when setting new power towers, and into the agriculture sector. The farmers use these mats for around their corals, other water sources and hopper less grain bins. Helps when the ground can get to soft and this gives them more access in that situation. We have also acquired a spot in the Winnipeg area to offer the rental of our mats in that market.

As the years have gone on we have decided to grow our business by purchasing 3 semi-trucks and several different trailers to help our company diversify. As well as a loader to help with the jobs. We use the trucks & super b’s to transport our access mats to & from locations and the loader to load, unload & spot our mats at any location that a customer mat need them at. So, we can now offer the full service of laying or picking a location for our customers. We also offer the geo tech for the lands that the customer wants to protect from the contamination that may occur from the rigs.

About Us

Along with that service we offer a lease clean up. Which involves the pickup truck & a dump trailer to pick & haul away any debris that is left behind after a lease has been picked.

Along with the super b’s we have acquired an end dump trailer & a live bottom trailer. With the addition of these trailers we are now able to off the hauling of contaminated soil, gravel, asphalt, road material, sand, etc. to and from any location.

As another way of growing we have received our DOT # to be able haul in and out of the United States. For this we have added detachable bale racks to haul square & round bales to and from farm locations in Canada and the United States. With this small expansion we are hoping to increase our fleet once again.

Along with all the equipment that has helped us grow we could not have done any of it without the help of our employees. They work hard and have excellent customer service. They help us each day to make sure that our company grows and has a good reputation to fall back on.

We carry all the appropriate insurance to cover all loads that we transport. Can and will provide any documentation if requested. As well as acquiring our COR in Saskatchewan and soon into Manitoba. Safety is one of our main concerns!